Born long, long ago in a galaxy (known as California), far, far away, T.K. Harris was shipped unceremoniously out of the country to spend the first several years of life, living in the Netherlands (in a cupboard under the stairs). Upon return to the U.S. at the ripe old age of 8ish, Harris spent the next several years in a variety of states growing up (sort of) to become a software engineer, IT manager and parent with the privilege of being able to travel and live in even more states as well as other countries.
T.K. has been writing since childhood and, through the years, has had several short stories published by various magazines, including one in Woman’s World. T.K. Harris has since written two novels: Phantom Dreams (mystery/suspense) and The Gillespie Five (conspiracy theory) and A Few Good Psychopaths, T.K.s most recent book and a compilation of tongue-in-cheek mysteries/murders. Currently living in Denver, Colorado and working as a Product Manager, T.K. is trying to decide if book 4 will be a sequel to The Gillespie Five or a complication of fantasy stories.